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   List of approved thesis themes (new!) Date : 18/08/2010

Batch 2 (Second Semester, 2008)

1. Ms.Pantipa Prasertsrisiri "Consumption Behavior of Korean Cultural Product 'Kim Chi' in Bangkok"

2. Ms.Passachol Tanganukulkit "Attitudes of Foriegn Tourists toward Temple Stay in the Republic of Korea"

3. Ms.Kanok-On Upanun "Idea and Economic Value: Case Study of South Korean Film"

4. Ms.Duangporn Comlertluck "The Preception of Ideal Body Shape in Korean Society"

5. Mr.Laliew Angsakunwong "Impacts of the Republic of Korea Foreign Direct Investment on the Development of CLMV"


Batch 1 (First Semester, 2008)

1. Mr.Kamon Butsaban "Strategy of the Economic Development between South Korea and Thailand During 1960s-1980s"

2. Mr.Dhawiesakt Methiecharoenpong "Differences of South Korea's Reunification Policy under Roh Tae-Woo to Roh Moo-Hyun"

3. Ms.Chittikan Lak-Ariya "The Imitative Behavior to Korean Singers of Thai Teenagers"

4. Ms.Aukjinda Treesuwan "Factors Affecting Demand for Travel to Korea: A Case Study of Thai Tourist to Korea"

5. Mr.Ekarat Visesrith "The Impacts of Korean Television Dramas on Thai Society: A Case Study in Bangkok"

6. Mr.Noppadol Saleepoch "The Effect on Trade between Thai and South Korean through the Korean Wave in Thailand"

7. Ms.Phanwipha Chomphungam "An Analysis of Korean Studies in Thailand"

8. Ms.Ranshida Ingpanya "Factors Affecting the Rise of Suicide Rate in South Korea"

9. Mr.Wirot Plaikaew "The Formation, Action and Function of the Constitutional Courts: The Case Study of Thailand and South Korea"

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