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   Visa documents Date : 12/12/2009
 Visa extension application form

Re-entry permit application form

Notification of stay longer than 90 days

You can get a brief idea about visa extension and other things you must do during two years of your study from the following link of Chula's International Affairs Office.
Nevertheless, pls be noted that the Immigration Bureau has moved.  See the new office's map in the following link.

In short, what you have to do is to extend your visa (actually stay permit) before the date stated in the stamp you've got in your passport.  You will receive one-year stay permit at most (no more than this is allowed).  That means you have to do this twice before your graduation.  The program will ask Chula to issue a letter for you to bring it to Immigration Bureau (IB).  It might take a week.  Then, please bring this letter with other required documents and a fee to the IB.

And, on the same day that you visit the Immigration Bureau (IB) for visa extension, please apply for re-entry permit because you have to go to Korea for a semester and then come back to Thailand for further study.  The re-entry permit will be valid as long as your stay permit is valid (1 year).  Thus, just decide by yourself if you will apply for single or multiple re-entry permits (if you want to go back to your country during a vacation too) because the fees are different.  (1,000 Baht per single or 3,800 Baht per multiple; on-line application possible)

You may be asked to notify your stay (your address in Thailand) every 90 days.  If so, you will receive a small paper (stapled in your passport) indicating by when you have to report your residence.  For "Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days", please refer to the IB's below link.

Please bring your passport to the office or bring a photocopy of the first page and the stamp page.  They are needed for asking the letter from Chula.
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